Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Craig Jones, General Manager

Craig Jones has been in the concrete industry for 35 years and is a second generation concrete contractor. He received the Silver Trowel Award from the Arizona Concrete Contractors Association in 2005 and served as President for the Arizona Concrete Contractors Association for many years, as well as being one of the founding members of the organization.


Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

Robert Greene, Concrete Operations Manager

Robert Greene is the Concrete Operations Manager for the Concrete Division,and has been with CJS Enterprises since 2008. Robert graduated with a degree in Architectural CAD Design in 2003. Robert has been in the construction industry since 1998, primarily working in the structural commercial concrete sector.

General Superintendent
Concrete Division

Senior Concrete Estimator
Concrete Division


Photo Credit: dimnikolov

Bradley Jones, Masonry Operations Manager

Bradley Jones is a third generation concrete contractor and a second generation masonry contractor. He has been with CJS Enterprises since 2002. Bradley has practical hands on experience in the field as well as almost every facet of the concrete and masonry industry. His emphasis is on honesty the cornerstone of his family legacy.

Abel Canez
General Superintendent
Masonry Division

James Eastman
Masonry Estimator
Masonry Division

Jeff Herzhaft
Iron Divison Manager